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Wojciech Brewka was born in 1980 in Kalisz and nowadays is undoubtedly one of the most interesting artist associated with "Young Art". He graduated from the University of Łódź (Poland) where he studied law. However, he did not connect his future with this specialization. For Brewka studies were only a kind of a "tool" which he needed to gain the higher aim and to make his dreams of being a professional painter come true.He created a small studio in a rented flat during his stay in Łódź. He spent there every moment, free from everyday duties, to experiment, search and improve his unique artistic language. Nevertheless, his current success was preceded by determination, hard work and ability to bind his work as a lawyer and painting passion.


The works of Wojciech Brewka hark back to street art. As a young man he was strongly involved in creating graffiti and stickers. These days, he bases on the various motifs, to begin with animals and to finish on architecture. He is inspired by everything what is in the surrounding. Some of his paintings equate each of us through the imperfections of nature in which, for instance, an elephant has oversized ears or a toucan possesses a bit too large bill. Perhaps the creation of this singular bridge between art and human nature has contributed to the admiration and warmly welcoming among connoisseurs as well as average visitors of his exhibitions. His art is characterized by grotesque and neon colours. Wojciech Brewka is an artist who exchanged the public space for the galleries and simultaneously he acquired recognisability and high interest among the collectors.


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Punk not Jazz
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Be Happy
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